LET’S MEET . . .



Hi friend!

I’m so glad you’ve found me. I really REALLY wish we could sit down, face to face and chat about life. Maybe someday we will. In the meantime, I hope we can connect right here. I would love to encourage and inspire YOU.

Guess what?? I know how easy it is to start feeling overwhelmed in the chaos and distractions of a busy life. But I know there is freedom and purpose to be found. Will you join me in the journey?

Here’s a bit about me. I am self-proclaimed salsa snob (sad, but true), coffee addict, and crazy-in-love follower of Jesus. I have a deep heart for women’s issues (the struggles are real people!), Biblical knowledge in the mind and it’s application to the heart. When I’m not using my superpowers to do the laundry, wipe poopy bottoms, and manage my high-maintenance husband at the same time, I can be found snuggling up with a good book. I am the proud mamma to Reign (12), Sage (10), Rogue (8), and an exceptionally-lazy Golden doodle named Bear.

And now I want to know about you! Here’s how we can connect . . . follow my blog, join my email list (I’m going to be sending some amazing content to serve and encourage you), book me to speak and/or join me on social media.


John 14:27