As I listened to my son pray the other night, I heard a generic, half-hearted and redundant prayer. He was checking the proverbial box as he does nearly every single night.

“Dear God, thank you for everything you do for us. Help us to have a good and fun day tomorrow. amen.”

I usually follow in the footsteps of Elsa rather than Jesus and just LET IT GO because, you know, TIRED! But it bothered me more last night because I saw myself in my son’s prayer. And I think God was working on my heart.

I often pray in that same way. Maybe with fancier or more sophisticated words, but the same general things… forgive me of my sins … help me to love you more… thank you for all you provide and so on.

And listen, those aren’t bad things. But when I stop to think about the Creator or the universe, bent down to hear my voice and listen to my heart, when I think about His delight in that conversation and His willingness is to intervene with what is best for me and according to His will, when I imagine the mighty power it takes to spin planets, breathe in life and allow massive oceans to flourish, when I consider the compassion and love it took to give His life to save the world … I am overwhelmed and astounded at my little faith and lack of attention.

I believe there is great power in our thoughtful prayers. Notice that I didn’t say eloquent. I mean REAL, RAW, and CONSIDERED.

God has always been after our hearts. Not a checklist prayer. He wants relationship with us and that’s way beyond my human capacity to understand. I’m such a natural rebel.

I happen to think that God is waiting. He’s waiting for us to get specific with our prayers — to praise Him specifically, thank Him specifically and ask Him specifically.

If I’m honest, sometimes that scares me. My little faith doesn’t fully trust He will come through.

Why not let God be God?

Why not step out in brave faith so God will actually have to come through? Maybe that’s how He strengthens us. Maybe that’s how He reveals Himself. Maybe He’s wanting to talk back to you.

Are you giving Him the chance?

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  1. Just found your website off a quote on fb! Your posts are wonderful, deep, raw & thought provoking – & truth! Thank you! Natalie

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