I’m the mom that’s not afraid to take my kids to McDonald’s, let them stay up late on Saturday night and bring a Lunch-able to school.

I’m the mom that allows extra screen time while grocery shopping, at the baseball game and when we desperately need a quiet meal conversation.

My kids have drank from the hose, walked barefoot to the neighbors house and climbed trees that are a little too high.

They have made some mistakes and learned the hard way.

My kids have eaten cookies for breakfast and Mac-n-cheese two nights in a row.

I’m the mom that’s often too tired for crafts, too exhausted to play “superheroes” again and lingered in the bathroom to relish quiet and regain sanity.

I’m the mom that takes the kids to the pool just to relax, soak up the sun, read a good book and simply watch my kids play in the water.

I’m the mom that has bought them the toy they whined for and let them drink that artificial, red-dye slushy from Sonic just to avoid a meltdown.

But … I’m also the mom that demands they make their beds in the morning, read for an hour and do chores before anything else.

I’m the mom that dances to baby shark in the kitchen ten times in a row and gives piggy back rides just for fun.

I’m the mom that plans out fun Pinterest crafts, bakes afternoon brownies and spends time reading to the kids before bed.

I’m the mom that makes the smoothies and strategically hides the kale and blueberries.

I’m the mom that researches the most natural cleaners, sunblock and baby shampoo.

I’m the mom that plans out the zoo visits, packs the picnic lunch and tries to educate the kids on every animal they encounter.

I’m the mom that listens to the rant about Fortnite and skins and Squishes and slime.

Girl, I’ve helped MAKE the slime.

I’m the mom that throws the football for my kids as they jump in the pool, plays Marco Polo and run through the puddles on a rainy day.

I’m the mom that has taken a million photos so as not to forget a single moment.

I’m the mom that has cried so hard I thought my heart would burst when my kids where rebellious, bullied or struggling to make friends.

I’m the mom that has planned the birthday party, volunteered to read to the class and prayed with my children every single night since they were born.

I’m the mom. And I’m guessing you are too.

Motherhood is a complicated blend of incredible love, utter exhaustion, sacrifice and joy.

Be kind to yourself.

Stop comparing.

The journey is not perfect and no mom is perfect or has it figured out. Not a one.

Each day will have different challenges and require different responses.

And guess what… our kids aren’t as critical as we are on ourselves.

Chances are, they think you’re pretty great.

After all, they need to see boundaries AND experience freedom. They need to find protection AND develop independence.

They need to see the ebb and flow of life that requires work, play and rest.

Mostly, they need YOU and your love, however imperfect.

At the end of the day, if you spend a little time with them, show them that you care and point them to Jesus … you have done enough.

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