When God says I am loved,
The enemy says you’re not wanted.

When God says I died for you,
The enemy says you are not worthy.

When God says He will hold you,
The enemy makes you feel unsettled.

When God says He is with you,
The enemy makes you feel alone.

When God says you’re accepted,
The enemy says you don’t belong.

When God says do not fear,
The enemy makes you anxious.

When God says Jesus is enough,
The enemy says to prove yourself.

When God says sin is wrong,
The enemy says it’s right.

When God gives remorse,
The enemy gives shame.

When God says He’s in control,
The enemy says it depends on you.

When God says His way is life,
The enemy says to question His goodness.

When God says to set focus on Jesus,
The enemy distracts you.

When God says the unseen is real,
The enemy says to doubt.

When God says to rest your soul,
The enemy says to hurry.

When God says to give your life away,
The enemy says to make yourself happy first.

When God says you have power through me,
The enemy says it’s all up to you.

The enemy says you have no hope,
But God says … I overcame and the enemy is already defeated.

Who will you believe?

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