“I am reminded of a story of two little sisters on Thanksgiving Day who decided to misbehave. Their father had told them not to go outside until after everyone had eaten Thanksgiving dinner. But these little ladies couldn’t resist the lure of their own backyard, so out they went. Later, when their father brought them back inside, he said to them, “Girls, go to your room. You are dismissed from Thanksgiving dinner.” Their hearts were broken, and with tears, they ran upstairs.

However, a few moments later, they heard their mother calling, “Girls, come down to dinner!” A little baffled in light of what their father had just said, they walked down to the table and sat down. As their mother began to say grace, the girls noticed something peculiar. “Mother, where is Father?”
“Your father is in his room.”
“But why?”
“Because your father loves you so much. He couldn’t change his own standard. But, he also didn’t want to deny you dinner. So he said that he would go upstairs and pay the penalty so that you could come and eat. So, while you enjoy the meal, please remember and be thankful that your father did this for you.”

This story, told by Dr. Tony Evans a few years back, continues to be a powerful reminder on Thanksgiving Day. It’s all too easy to forget the amazing grace of God. He paid the price we owed for our disobedience, a debt that would only be satisfied through death.

But Jesus, being full of grace, mercy and love, took our place. Our deserved penalty was passed onto our precious, faultless Father. And He willingly took it . . . because He loves us that much.

Honestly, this should blow our minds!

Jesus, keep us from getting numb to your immeasurable gift. You deserve our complete worship and praise, not only on Thanksgiving, but every single day that we live and breathe in your sustaining grace.

We are most grateful for this exchange, this gift of life, to enjoy the blessings of fellowship for eternity because of your unconditional love.

Thank you for a place at the table.

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